My friend Sally

My friend Sally is amazing!  She’s attractive in a down-to-earth way, and quite fit.  She used to play a lot of netball at school, and all that stretching and running has done wonders for her body.  And you should see her touch her toes- it’s quite a turn on.

Actually when she was at school she wasn’t that attractive.  She wore glasses and had these awful braces on her teeth.  That’s all you saw when you looked at her, a mouthful of metal and these goofy specs. She came in for a fair bit of name-calling I can tell you.  But she didn’t seem to mind.  And when the braces came off it made such a difference.  She has this great smile. It’s as if you’re the only person in the world when Sally smiles at you.

Sally left school at 16 and went to work in the local supermarket.  And she hated it.  Not that she had anything against shop work.  It just wasn’t her idea of how she would spend the rest of her life; sitting at a till scanning teabags and sanitary towels.  So she decided to do something about it.  And that’s when she became amazing!

We all have those dreams, don’t we?  Meeting a rich and handsome guy, travelling the world, no money worries, no worries of any kind – and of course the most amazing sex!  Sally knew that for her, a 16 year old girl living in Doncaster, it was not going to happen.  Well, not without a little help anyway.

First of all she went on a make-up course at the local college.  I must say I just put on a bit of moisturiser and some mascara but having seen what she looks like I’m beginning to think I have to make more effort.  It’s her eyes really.  She changed her glasses for coloured contact lenses, and now her eyes are this really gorgeous turquoise blue – they sort of grab your attention from the moment you clap eyes on her.  But she’s learnt all sorts of tricks with eye liner and eye shadow and they look twice the size as well.  Any man she meets does a double take, especially when she smiles at him.

And this was just the starting point. She had her hair highlighted and paid a fortune to have it styled.  Her mum didn’t charge her rent and so all her wages were her own, and Sally was never one for drinking it all away.  She liked the odd glass of wine, but that’s all it was.  I used to tell her she was a really cheap date! 

 Sally is not Sally any longer, she’s Suki.  And she’s not a checkout girl any more, she’s her own boss.  And she has pots of money.  All from those men who did a double take.

I’m not sure if I could have done what she did, but I sure envy her lifestyle now.  Keep in touch and I’ll tell you more.


About tammygold13

I live in Doncaster and have a so-so life, but my friend Sally has changed her life completely. I don't know whether I envy her or not. I'll tell you all about her so you can judge for yourself.
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