My Friend Sally Part 6

Sally continued to tell me that after Aidan kissed her she ran out of the room to her bedroom, and Aidan followed her.
‘What’s the matter, Angel,’ he asked her. ‘Have I upset you? I didn’t mean to do that.’
And he told her how he really liked her mum, and how she liked him too. Surely Sally didn’t want to spoil her mum’s happiness. And, of course, Sally didn’t want to spoil her mum’s happiness and that’s why she went along with it, even though she hated it.
That first night, Aidan just cuddled her and told her she was very special to him. ‘He said he always wanted his own little girl,’ Sally sobbed, ‘and he stroked me to calm me down. I remember thinking that I had imagined it all, and that what he did was quite natural, but as time went on it became very clear that it was not natural at all.’
Sally stopped and looked at me. ‘Do you hate me?’ she asked.
‘What?’ I asked with incredulity. ‘What on earth are you talking about? Why should I hate you?’
‘Because I hate myself,’ she said sadly. ‘How could I let him do that to me?’
‘But you were only twelve,’ I said. ‘How could you stop him?’
‘I could have told mum,’ she said. ‘But mum was so happy. It was the happiest she had been for ages. She thought it was the real thing this time, and in the beginning I wasn’t sure what was happening. By the time I realised it was just too late.’
I remember she sat and stared into her wine for ages as though she would find the answer in the bottom of the glass.
‘You don’t have to tell me any more,’ I said.
‘Maybe I do,’ she said. ‘Maybe it’ll help.’
‘OK,’ I said, ‘but stop whenever you want.’
Sally took a deep breath and paused before continuing.
‘The next time mum went out I begged to be allowed to come to your house for a sleepover, but I remember she just laughed and said it was a school night and Aidan would be there so I’d be quite safe. I was terrified, but I couldn’t tell her why I didn’t want to stay with Aidan. After all nothing had happened then. What was I going to say?
As soon as she had gone out of the door, Aidan came and found me and he said ‘How’s my best girl then?’ and then my life changed for ever.


About tammygold13

I live in Doncaster and have a so-so life, but my friend Sally has changed her life completely. I don't know whether I envy her or not. I'll tell you all about her so you can judge for yourself.
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