My friend Sally – part 7

Sorry to have been ‘away’ for so long, but I was encouraged to turn my posts into a novel and I have been busily writing!
Sally is a fictional character but she has become very real to me. I was experimenting with a new genre of writing – my other novels have been mystery novels. Sally has led me to write The Turquoise Blue, a romance novel with adult content. Not only that, but the novel has turned into a trilogy. Sally really developed as I was writing, and I began to have so many ideas that couldn’t possibly fit into one book – well they could but it would have turned into War and Peace (perhaps not, but nearly as long!).
E L James has a lot to answer for! Yes, I read Fifty Shades of Grey like millions of others round the world, and although I enjoyed it on one level I was irritated that it was a man, Christian Grey, calling the shots. I’ve always been a strong-willed woman with a mind of my own, and it jarred a little. And so, Sally was born.
Those of you who have been following my posts will know that Sally had a really terrible experience in her childhood. But instead of making her a victim, the experience has turned her into a young woman determined to show what’s she made of. Initially she seeks revenge on men in general, and Aidan in particular. But life never really turns out quite the way you expect it to, does it? And that’s how it is for Sally.
Although I wasn’t born in Yorkshire I have lived here most of my life, and although I will never be accepted as a Yorkshire woman, I do think of it as my home. When Amazon did a survey recently they discovered that in the United Kingdom, Doncaster was the town with the most sales of erotic literature closely followed by Pontefract and Barnsley. (Those less kind individuals will probably be making comments about the need for Yorkshire people to have vivid imaginations!) It was therefore inevitable that Sally would hail from Doncaster, just down the road from my home. Although Sally leaves Doncaster to seek her fortune, she will return in the third book in the series.
If you would like to read more about Sally, you can download The Turquoise Blue from in formats suitable for most e-readers. It will also be available from most major online retailers. Book Two, My Camberwell Beauty, will follow in early 2014.

Tamara Gold
Author of The Turquoise Blue.


About tammygold13

I live in Doncaster and have a so-so life, but my friend Sally has changed her life completely. I don't know whether I envy her or not. I'll tell you all about her so you can judge for yourself.
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